How To Be A Savvy Shopper

Make the most of your time in our store. There are savings to be had! 


Shop often!  Merchandise comes in all the time and new items are constantly being put out onto the sales/showroom floor 7 DAYS A WEEK!    We process up to 1000 or more  pieces a day. We’re busy sorting and selecting the best of our intake as to what will to put out onto our boutique and showroom sales floor.  Just for you!


Don’t wait! If you see it, buy it.  Buy now or cry later.  Seriously, stuff moves fast around here.  Get it while it’s here!  The same person who was going to think about it yesterday will come back to buy it…


Know your brands!  See something you think might be too high priced?  Educate yourself on the brand/quality and original value of the item and you’ll see what an amazing deal you are getting here.  If you see a brand or Designer item that you know is usually hundreds of dollars at a great price here, grab it!


All sales are final so make sure you inspect everything before you buy it.


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Read the tags carefully to know the current price as clothing items and designer handbags have a markdown after 30 days.  If you’re not sure, just ask one of our team members to show you how easy it is.


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