Meet The Team

Marianne: After running many successful garage sales (complete with fitting rooms) Owner Marianne Evans opened her first store in 2004. Selling woman’s and junior clothing and accessories, her 1100 sf shop, Your Best Friends Closet, quickly outgrew its space.  She expanded within a few years and quickly a third expansion was not far behind. Marianne always had a passion for interior decorating, so adding furniture and home décor was an easy addition to her clothing shop. Taking that by storm in 2015 Marianne opened Your Best Friends Home just a few doors down from Your Best Friends Closet.  In July of 2018 the retail space between her two shops became available and Marianne combined Your Best Friends Closet and Your Best Friends Home into a Mega 11000 plus sf shop now known as BEST FRIENDS CONSIGNMENT.  With the help of her husband of 30 years, Mark, and the two men she is most proud of, her sons, Zack and Noah.  Through their love and encouragement, they helped their Mom build her successful business.


If you like how the Home Décor is staged throughout the furniture showrooms, then you’ll want to buy the entire display. Gather tips and tricks from Deb who has been with BFC for 10 plus years. Her experience in Consignment and as a Professional stager she can help you select the furniture and home décor items to meet your needs


 Our Store Manager who graduated from Northern Michigan University with a degree in Entrepreneurship brings great customer service combined with quick wit and an infectious smile.  Plus, Zack has the added bonus of having muscles to move furniture around the store and is an all-around great guy.


She has been our Designer Handbag expert, Personal shopper and a true stylist for over 8 years.  She is  everyone’s best friend here at Best Friend’s Consignment.  Her kind and encouraging personality along with a flair for fashion is exactly what customers will get when working with Amy.


Cheryl brings years of experience in Fashion as a personal stylist. As a sales floor lead, Cheryl brings not only a sense of fashion and style, but a love of people and conversation.  Previously, Cheryl has owned her own Boutique and was a stylist at other high-end department stores.  As a lead on our sales floor, scarves are her own wardrobe staple and she can easily show you how to incorporate one into your own!


As Co-Floor Sales Lead, it’s not uncommon to have customers buy the complete mannequin or window displays that Christina has created. With a passion and eye for fashion, Christina’s displays continue to be the most popular and trendy items around.

Not sure how to wear something? Her displays make our Pinterest page look good too! Let Christina pull a few pieces together to show you what’s trending.  Her gentle and kind demeanor makes you love her even more.


As you see all the large quantities of fashion merchandise hitting the fashion boutique side of our large shop, it’s Lisa you’ll want to thank.  Managing the Consignor Intake and processing area Lisa is the first to see and inspect almost everything fashion you’ll see on our sales floor.

With her infectious laugh and willingness to make you feel like a true Best Friend, Lisa is a great asset to the shop.  You’ll thank her for selecting the best items to choose from.



To complete your wonderful shopping experience here at Best Friends Consignment Kim, with her warm smile and wonderful customer service, will complete your sale at the register and answer any questions a customer may have while shopping with us. Listen closely, for if you have a need to call the shop, you will most likely talk with Kim!


Pleasant, thorough and smiling, Nancy is always willing to help you at the front counter.  From processing your sale, scheduling appointments, answering the phone and everything customer service, Nancy does it right! Shopping with Best Friend’s Consignment since 2004, she’s thrilled to be part of the team and this friendly environment.



Sweet, smart and smiling,  Shanna assists in many aspects of the shop.   Handling intake of consignments and quality control, Shanna is always welcoming and ready to help.



With years of Retail experience, as well as an entrepreneurial past, Sharon greets each and every customer with a gentle and kind welcome. With a sharp eye for detail, our footwear, handbags and jewelry displays are her specialty. She can help you find the perfect accessories for any event.



Organized, efficient and wonderful customer service, Valerie can do it all. When local organizations ask for donations, it’s Valerie who gets to work creating the most amazing and sought after Gift Baskets.


 Fast, efficient, and attention to detail, that’s our Paige. Through these traits, Paige is a valuable asset to our shop. Most of our consigned inventory is entered into our system by her and quickly makes it way onto our sales floor.



Marianne’s son and a Graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice from Northern Michigan University. Noah is pursuing a career outside of the shop and he is always ready to lend a helping hand whenever it is needed.



Angie has been a friend of the shop since 2004. Her friendly smile, quick wit, and outgoing personality always makes you feel like part of the family.  We are thrilled to have her be a part of our team at the sales counter.


Our furniture veteran with years of experience, Ray has been employed by companies such as La-Z-Boy, Lane, Sears, and Kincaid. Ray brings valuable knowledge of furniture to Best Friends Consignment.  Have a question about furniture?  Prepare to be impressed with his knowledge!


Lisa W

With over 1,000 pieces processed in a day, Lisa keeps the inventory moving as she quickly enters the items into consigners accounts. Efficient with a great attention to detail, Lisa is truly an asset to our company.



Shopping with her mom at the store since 2004, Elyssa has become one of the most valuable sales associates. With her sense of fashion and trendy style she adds a unique flair to our college aged shoppers.


Jacob: A graduate of Lewis University with a degree in Marketing and a Brother of the International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi, Jacob is continuously growing our company through marketing ideas, website engagement, and our E-commerce.