Our Story

After running many successful garage sales (complete with fitting rooms), Owner Marianne Evans, opened her first store in 2004. Selling women's & junior clothing & accessories, her 1100 sf shop, Your Best Friend's Closet, quickly outgrew it's space.   She expanded within a few years and quickly a  third expansion wasn't far behind. 
Marianne always had a passion for interior decorating, so adding furniture and home decor was an easy addition to her clothing shop.  Taking that by storm, in 2015 Marianne opened Your Best Friend's Home just a few doors down from Your Best Friend's Closet. 
Keeping it a family centered business, after graduating with his degree in Entrepreneurship, her son Zack began managing the furniture and home decor shop. 
In July of 2018 the retail space between her two shops became available and Marianne combined Your Best Friend's Closet and Your Best Friend's Home into a mega 11,000+ sf shop, now known as BEST FRIEND'S CONSIGNMENT.