Why we LOVE consignment

Why we LOVE consignment

Welcome back to the blog Best Friends!

I hope you all had a great holiday season and welcome to the New Year. Now onto more important matters, Valentine’s Day. The holiday that you either love or hate but I’m going to tell you 5 new reasons to love it. And they all have to do with shopping (and selling) consignment!

The first reason we all love consignment is that we can find all of our favorite name brand clothing (including designer brands) for a fraction of the price. What does that mean for you my dear friends? More clothes in your closet and more money in your wallet!

Second reason, and this goes along with number one, is that on top of finding our favorite brands we also find quality and often with tags items. All of the clothes at Best Friend’s Consignment are pre-checked for quality before they even go out onto the floor so that you lovely ladies have the best pick of clothes that you can possibly get.

Next, shopping consignment is a great way to help the environment. When you’re not loving something in your closet just bring it into BFC and we’ll find it a new, loving home. Consignment is the best way to reduce your closet size, and recycle your clothes. 

Coming in at number four we love consignment because BFC always has the newest trends and is always up-to-date with seasonal clothing. BFC keeps track of trends as they’re happening so they always know which clothes you are going to want to buy. BFC also only takes clothes that are in-season so that you can always have the appropriate clothes for any occasion. 

And finally, the fifth reason we love consignment is that there is new merchandise every day. If you come into BFC every day (some of you do, and we love to see you) or you check the website regularly you know that you have to be quick because new merchandise is put out every single day, and it’s flying out the door. 

I hope you all have a wonderful, love filled Valentine’s Day and as always, we can’t wait to see you in at the shop!

All the best,  Hannah (BFC Blogger)

Marianne Evans