What does consignment mean?

We do not pay upfront for your items. Instead, we offer you 40% to 50% of the final selling price (refer to consignment contract on our consignment splits) on items we select and which sell during their 60 day consignment period. Once your item sells, the money is automatically placed on your account and you can stop by to pick up cash/check or use it as store credit. Any money placed on your account will never expire (refer to consignment contract regarding payouts).

How do I know if something sells?

Anytime you're in the shop doing another drop off, or shopping, stop at the front counter and anyone of our amazing front end team will be happy to help you.  You can always call the shop too to check on your account during business hours. 847-458-9530

You have so many things to choose from - how do you keep track of who it belongs to?

It's actually pretty simple. When your account is created, the computer assigns you an account number. We enter all of your items under the account number and that number is printed on the tags. Once your item is sold, the computer program automatically knows so your account is credited for the sale. We have a very organized system to ensure each consignor's items are accounted for.

How do you know what to price my things for?

All consignment stores have a formula based on the original selling price and the data from how items have sold in their stores. At Best Friend’s Consignment, we have the same. We do research on the items and we are able to run reports to see what the average price something has sold for in the past four years. This information is crucial to our setting the prices. We want to obtain the best selling price for you, our consignors.

What if I can't make it during your normal consignment hours?

At Best Friend’s Consignment, we know you're busy and time is important. If you know you cannot make it Tuesday - Thursday between 11am - 5pm OR on Saturdays from 11am - 5pm, please give us a call. We will attempt to accommodate your schedule to allow for an earlier drop off time or a later one. These arrangements must be made at least 24 hours in advance to ensure we have the proper staffing available.

Do my items need to be brand new with the tags?

No. However they do need to be in excellent condition without stains, tears, or signs of wear. That's why we request to have the clothing items neat, clean, pressed and on hangers when they arrive. With the volume of new items arriving, we do not have time to steam and remove wrinkles. Your items are easier to sell if they look fabulous and are attractive to potential customers.

I have some great "classic" pieces, will you take them on consignment?

The best items that sell for us at Best Friend’s Consignment are those that are within the last 2-3 years old. We understand there are some classic clothing items like the little black dress or perfect pencil skirt, but if they were manufactured prior to the last few years, chances are they are not true to the sizes made today. Over the last 15 years, a size 12 skirt has gradually increased in size by almost 2.5" making it almost impossible to sell as marked.

How do I bring in my large furniture items?

All large pieces of furniture must have pre-approval before bringing them in.  Please email pictures of your item(s) along with a description, your name and phone number to info@bestfriendsconsignment.com