Authentic Items Only

Whether you call them fakes, replicas, look-alikes, reproductions or is still called product counterfeiting and it is BIG business. According to the Department of Commerce, losses to U.S. business from the counterfeiting of trademarked consumer products are estimated at $250 billion a year. Counterfeiting is the imitation of a product and unauthorized use of another's trademark (registered brand name, logo, scent, design, etc.).

 The counterfeit, identical in appearance, gives the impression of being the genuine product from the real manufacturer. Allowing counterfeit items to enter the marketplace is illegal. Some people mistakenly believe that if counterfeit merchandise is identified on the sales tag as being "fake", "faux", "look-a-like" or "replica" it is alright to buy or sell it. Not true...a counterfeit is still a counterfeit and is still illegal. You can find them for sale on street corners in major cities, in house parties, out of the trunks of luxury autos or perhaps "from behind the counter" or "under the table" at legitimate stores.

 Let us be clear - it is still trademark infringement and it is illegal. Counterfeiting is punishable by fines, confiscation, and prosecution - so protect yourself and do not buy or sell any goods that you suspect may not be genuine. When customers realize a business sold them a counterfeit product, they lose their trust and wonder what else the store is being dishonest about.

At Best Friend’s Consignment, we will not ever knowingly sell a counterfeit product. If we are not sure of the authenticity of a product, we will not accept it unless we have had it authenticated. Authentication of products is conducted by an off-site company of the highest integrity. This process may take up to one week to receive the results.  All items which Best Friend’s Consignment has authenticated are subject to an upfront fee of $20-$40 depending on the brand and item.

 If the item is deemed to be authentic, Best Friend’s Consignment will notify the owner and refund the consignor the authentication fee by placing the amount paid onto the consignor's account. The 60-day consignment period will begin on the day we receive notice the item is authentic. If the item is deemed to be counterfeit, the consignor will be notified and the authentication payment will not be refunded.  The consignor will have 5 business days to pick up their items. If not picked up within that time frame, the item will be destroyed.

Return policy: All sales are final. No exchanges, refunds, or returns. Please note that most of the pieces are gently worn unless stated otherwise. We guarantee authenticity. Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding size, fit, style, condition, etc. before purchasing to ensure your satisfaction.

Questions about Authenticity? We have been in business for over 16 years and offer a 100% money-back guarantee on the authenticity of all items. If you receive an item and have a question about its authenticity, you must notify us via email of your concerns within 7 days. Items which are questioned will be returned and submitted to an independent third-party authenticator for proof of authenticity.